Sunday, February 12, 2012

In which I repent with baby photo spam

I know I have been horrible with the blogging lately. You may be asking yourself if it's because Baby Grady got really not-cute or something. And that's not it at all. I assure you. Here, with photo-spam for evidence.

This is Baby Grady practicing talking. He makes lots of vocalizations these days... we're talking about things of the "ah-goo" variety, though he's often fairly shrieky and enthusiastic about it. Less cooing and more I'm-talking-to-you-milk-lady.

And this next one is Grady looking for a boob. His primary understanding of boobs is that they materialize over his shoulder when he is hungry. Accordingly, he will whip his head back and forth, searching for the boob-of-mystery to appear. As a result, he has worn a bald spot on the back of his head, from all the seeking-of-boobs. (And no, I don't hold out on him at all. Remember, he is a ridiculously giant baby.)

Another favorite hobby of late is chewing on his hands. As you can see, I was trying to interest him in Sophie La Girafe. You know, an actual chew toy. He's not quite there with the holding onto things, but we're really proud that he's figured out how to connect his hand with his mouth on purpose. Like he actually understands that he has hands, and a mouth, and the power to connect the two. It's pretty fascinating.

This next one documents the extremely rare occasion of Baby Grady sleeping without touching me. This seriously almost never happens you have no idea.

Puppet likes to check on his baby.

Future rocket scientist, awed by his mobile. I mean, really, how do they get those things up there? And then they move? Blows. his. mind.

Check out that focus!

Big grin on a nakey baby.

Looking hip in the outfit he got from Uncle Gregg and Aunt Carey. And yes, this is my 2.5-month-old completely filling out an ensemble labeled for a six-month-old. I mean, really? How does that happen?


  1. I love his facial expressions. He's clearly a funny guy.

  2. Ha! He really is. Sometimes when he's "talking," it seems from his inflection that he's telling a joke. Then he'll grin, and I'll laugh, because I'm sure it was really funny!