Monday, May 28, 2012

Six Months

There is this thing people say when they have a baby. They all seem to say it. About how they cannot remember life before little baby so-and-so. Before I had a baby I thought this sounded utterly insane. I mean, sure, you don't want to go back to life without your baby, but you cannot remember it? Were you struck in the head? What happened to your memories that sounds so creepy!

I figured maybe when I had a baby, I would understand this common refrain. Heck, I'd probably even say it. And, six months in? Nope. I still completely remember life before Baby Grady. I mean, why wouldn't I? I love life with Baby Grady and he certainly belongs in our lives, of course. But I can still remember what came before! It was just six months ago! What are these people talking about??!!!

So, yes, six months. Half a year, an un-birthday, and all that. And no, we did not have a party.

It's been rather a big month, to be honest. Baby Grady started daycare and I returned to work. He got his first two teeth. He got two rounds of the sniffles. (thanks, daycare!) (Does this mean we won't have to go through constant illness when he starts preschool?) He started eating real food. He perfected his back-to-tummy roll. (That's probably overstating things a bit.) He started some backwards scooting that appears to be a nascent crawl. He went for his first runs in the jogging stroller. He "slept through the night" for the second time ever. ("Sleeping through the night" is just five hours when you're a baby. So, he slept from 8:00 until 1:00. Which was lovely, but not, you know, like sleeping all night or anything.)

It's all a dramatic switch from those early days when we could barely do anything but nurse and sleep. We actually have the time to be busy!

How much Baby Grady weighs: 20 lbs. 3 oz.
How tall Baby Grady is: 27.7 inches
(again with the non-clinical setting in which these measurements were taken... his well-baby-visit isn't until next week)

Size of Baby Grady's clothes: 6-12 months, with a few straight 12 months for one-pieces

Number of teeth Baby Grady has: 2 (the two bottom middles)

Baby Grady's eye color: muddy blue
Baby Grady's hair color: blond

Baby Grady's favorite: his jumperoo (oh, how he loves that jumperoo!), steak, morning, Reese
Baby Grady's least favorite: wind, waking up in the jogging stroller when the run isn't over yet


  1. Baby Grady seems to be the happiest baby ever! And with such patient, doting parents, why not?!

    G-Ma Pat

  2. He is so so so so cute!!! Happy 1/2 Birthday to Grady! He's adorable (did I already say that?). I won't offer up our experience re: colds and babies. It will only depress you.

  3. I still remember my pre-baby life 9.5 months in...I mean, I remember it with a sense of wonder (did we really just get in the car and go to a restaurant? And then eat at a leisurely pace, with no imminent threat of having to dash out with a screaming infant? We did, yes...), but I remember.
    Grady is a whole lot of wonderfulness, and I love checking in here to see what he's up to!