Monday, August 13, 2012

Boyz-day Sunday

Yesterday I spent the whole entire day at the computer, with almost no breaks at all, except just a few to feed my remora-baby. Work deadlines are consuming the entire family these days. Jasper worked all day Saturday and on Sunday we switched. Fun weekend, let me tell you. Except that it wasn't and I highly recommend not spending your weekend thusly, if you have any choice at all in the matter. (We didn't.)

So, while I was clacking away at my keyboard, doing fancy grantwriting things (yeah, I was making a chart; a really big chart), the boys had a day all to themselves to go adventuring. Except that they had to stay relatively close to the milk lady. But still, they had fun, and if my camera can be trusted, at least one of them was incredibly cute for the whole entire day. He was looking quite brawny in his new viking onesie that Jasper got for him in Sweden. Like a giant, blond Scandinavian baby.

They went to the park:

They went grocery shopping:

They tore up some scratch paper:

They played under the crib (best possible use for a crib, if you ask Grady):

They unloaded the bookshelf:

They checked on the milk lady:

They played musical turtle:

They admired the baby in the mirror:

I happen to know that they also went crabbin' in the crabby paddling pool, but the 'razzi had apparently wandered off by then. Probably to stalk Michael Phelps now that he's retired and has every right to go a little crazy.

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