Monday, September 24, 2012

Pub Saturday

Last week was rather long and relentless at the House of Halekas. Grady had just gotten over a virus, and so then of course I had the same thing for the first half of the week (fever, gah). Meanwhile Jasper was conducting terribly fancy testing on the instrument he is sending to Mars next year. (I'm sure I've mentioned it.) Some nights he had to be at the lab monitoring and doing science things straight through the night. So he was coming and going at all hours, and often trying to sleep even if he was home. One morning I woke up and had no idea whether my husband was in the house. (He was.)

Come Saturday, Jasper was all filled with the buoyancy of his sciencey accomplishments and was honestly pretty peppy about it, I'll have you know. Meanwhile I needed one more half-day of computer time to finish up a draft so that I can make my end-of-the-month deadlines and keep bringing in all those millions of dollars so that we can save the planet for gosh sake. We're pretty important is what I'm saying. (Not actually.) But by Saturday afternoon, the Halekas clan was ready to call it. Weekend. Yes. Give me some of that.

I briefly pondered all the vegetables that were taking over the fridge, due to the crazy work hours and comings and goings and lack of cooking but continued onslaught of CSA boxes. I felt really bad about it, but I knew deep in my heart that we did not need me chopping eggplants and tomatoes. No, we needed to go someplace where someone would bring us a pint and a plate of food for a modest price. I told Jasper that I felt terribly guilty, but I couldn't deny that it was pub time.

So off to the Englander we went. And it was good.

Checking out the wine list.

Will you get a load of this Zin selection?

I'll have the fish-n-chips!

Well, yes, a drink while I wait would be delightful.


I will briefly sample this before subjecting it to gravity testing.

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  1. Looks like we just need to give him a menu and a cup of water... forget the actual food!