Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unsupervised again

That's what the majority of my pictures look like now. Because of the nonstop movement. Oh, and the tendency to attack the camera. (Gleefully.)

Grady the Gus and I are on our own this week, as Jasper is in Switzerland teaching the Europeans how to count ions with rocket ships. Or something. It's very brainy, I'm sure. We miss him, but we are keeping ourselves occupied. These are the things we have done since Jasper left town:

  1. Hiked up our neighborhood mountain, and also explored some of the side trails. One was lovely and made me wonder why my husband hadn't thought to tell me about it. The other was terrible and I had to slide on my backside at one point to ensure that Baby Grady and I did not slide off a cliff.
  2. Sliced open one ankle on the lovely, non-treacherous path, because seriously, I am phenomenally talented at lightly maiming myself. 
  3. Did laundry.
  4. Took lots of Frankenbaby steps.
  5. Started wearing winter jams.
  6. Endured the busiest Target since ever, and got decorations and drinks for a certain birthday party this weekend.
  7. Took a snack break in the fitting room of the busiest Target since ever, because please, we are trying to grow a baby here.
  8. Received absurd and tottering heaps of packages from Granny J and Gumpa, in honor of a certain impending birthday.
  9. Acted all totally chill at daycare drop-off.
  10. Came out eating a sandwich at daycare pick-up, and was all, "oh, hey Milk Lady, I have a sandwich."
  11. Signed one incident report chronicling the biting of one of Grady's friends by Grady himself.
  12. Cleaned up the yard.
  13. Picked up Reese's fuzz.
  14. Ate lots of green soup, collard-green crustless quiche, and strawberry yogurt. Also: leftover Halloween candy.
  15. Went for two runs at the lake.
  16. Tried to learn to high-five, because pushing that stroller is hard work.
  17. Discovered a quite wonderful new-to-us playground near the lake.
  18. Placed one Amazon order.
  19. Filled one more Amazon cart.
  20. Watched two Daily Shows.

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