Sunday, March 17, 2013

The winter that never was

Every year in winter, there's this weekend in January or February when you find yourself running along a trail in the sunshine and you are wearing shorts and short sleeves and you just think, "Enough with this nonsense, Bay Area, you pricey vixen. How will I ever quit you?" And then the following week is 50 degrees and rainy and we all nod in agreement that we need the rain and who's going up to the snow this weekend? (It's really, really hard living here is what I'm saying.) (Except that it will be when we really and truly run out of water.) (But until then we will play like grasshoppers!)

But this year, winter just gave up entirely after December and we've had what seems to be nonstop spring, along with plenty of concern for the snowpack and the reservoirs. And now, just as I was thinking the rain had to be coming soon, it's just about time for spring to be here properly anyway. And the baby never even got to wear his galoshes!

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