Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And then one day we did stuff

I've noted a few times on this blog that I pretty much do nothing except look at, talk to, feed, and change my baby these days. I’m really not exaggerating. Baby Grady really detests sharing my attention. He is particularly irked by productivity. It's two hands on the baby at all times around here. So, I count it a good day when I accomplish one task or activity that is not nursing, diapering, baby-playing or very light housework. And I mean light! As in, carrying my used mug to the kitchen or putting a dirty burp cloth in the hamper. Maybe picking up a wad of Reese fuzz. Like, if it’s right in my path. Something so ambitious as doing a load of laundry? That would totally count as my one thing. Yeah, these are the standards I’m working by. I’ve been telling myself that the cuddling and gazing and soothing and playing (to the extent that Baby Grady can really play)... those are the things I’m getting done, even though they are not to-do list types of tasks. Thing is, I believe myself. It may be lazy, but it’s also right.

So one day earlier this week, out of the blue, without intending to or making a list or having a big build-up in my head (which is something that precedes almost all of my accomplishments, great, small, and imaginary), we accomplished so much more than just one thing. These are the things we did:

  1. Loaded and ran one dishwasher.
  2. Did one load of laundry (not the folding).
  3. Talked to Granny J.
  4. Wrote one thank-you note.
  5. Got dressed! In jeans! And sneakers!
  6. Applied mascara. Using the little mirror in a cloth baby book.
  7. Brushed my hair, delighting Baby Grady. Having a baby really leads you to question your act. I can make faces, read stories, and tell jokes, only to be met with the blankest of baby stares. Then I brush my hair and it’s an absolute scream?
  8. Emptied the diaper pail.
  9. Walked across the neighborhood to mail several thank-you notes and another thing.
  10. Walked to the market and purchased salad greens, corn thins, and a six-pack. By the way, I really like corn thins. They are like rice cakes, except made of corn. And also thin. They are really, really well-named.
  11. Ate a salad. (I made the salad ahead of time, which was clever, because it meant that I managed to eat something that was not dry cereal, an apple, or a spoonful of peanut butter.) Go me.


  1. I hope you're holding up ok and not ready to poke your eyeballs out. I am sure you are enjoying yourself but I imagine it's also somewhat mind numbing at times. Maybe not.

  2. Thanks, Danni! I'm actually doing ok with it. I'm sort of a lazy homebody by nature, so hibernating suits me. We're rapidly evolving out of the slug phase, too, which helps. It's more like I'm hanging out with a person and not simply tending to a non-sentient dictator.

  3. I personally love the post-baby homebody days...soon enough I know life will switch back to reality and I'll be gogogo, so I like to get my boring, but snuggly, days in while I can.

  4. Sigh :) You sound like a happy mommy, and this happily reminds me of those baby baby days with Charlie and Toby. I love this picture! He's such a smiler! And I'm seeing a lot more Carrier in him than I had at first. Hope to see you guys again soon! (Hey, tentatively the Saturday before Toby's birthday the 8th for a party?)

  5. I was actually quite encouraged by your attitude, Lindsey, so thank you for that! People are always talking about how they had their baby out at the cafe after four days, and it made me consider feeling guilty for being so lazy (and continuing the make Jasper do all the grocery shopping). I also loved your 12-day rule about housework!

    We'll save that date, Carey! People tend to see Carrier in him when he smiles and Jasper in him when he scowls (which is a lot of the time!) I don't know what we should take from that... He does still look A LOT like Jasper as a baby, but he might have the Wadsworth chin. We'll see... I might sneak some genes in there.