Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Yesterday morning we took Grady over to the village Easter egg hunt, even though he's still far too little cool to get too interested in it. (Yes, our neighborhood calls itself a village. Very quaint. We don't actually run outsiders off with torches and pitchforks, but we come close sometimes.) As you can see, Grady wasn't that impressed with the giant bunny, but he also didn't have a meltdown. Which was really something, as Grady does not typically care for gatherings.

Next year, Grady will probably be ready for the fun. There were lots of fairly new walkers and no one was getting trampled. They have a nice system with a small area cordoned off for toddlers. Also, all the eggs are empty. When you're finished hunting, you take your eggs to the "recycling center," and no matter how many you have, you get the same sack of candy. Helps to curtail competitiveness (and sobbing). I actually didn't see a single child crying, which just amazes me.

Grady thought the best part was his thumb, which he sucked with some vigor.

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