Wednesday, April 4, 2012

With Dad #5

Yesterday was Jasper's birthday and, because we are lovely, Grady and I ran around town picking up the best possible lunch treats and then we drove all the way up the hill to the lab to deliver them to our main man at work.

Oh, and yes, I dressed them as twinsies. What?

Grady both loved and hated the lab. He really went back and forth on the topic. He adored Jasper's post-doc, which shows very good taste, because Andrew is one of my favorites too. He didn't so much care for the wind, or the machine room. (I have no idea. Do I even have the right words in that sentence?) He liked that the boobs were there too and he enjoyed getting a diaper change on Jasper's desk.

All told, I think Baby Grady and I may have found a new favorite adventure. And the Tilden steam trains are just up the road!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Love the matching shirts--what is on them? And I suppose if I were Grady, I'd be happy that the boobs made an appearance, too. If the parental units got nom noms, baby Grady should too, right?

    1. It's the Bay Bridge (that connects Oakland to San Francisco) -- cool local company makes them. And believe me, Grady never goes much more than an hour without noms. It's crazy.