Monday, July 2, 2012

Playing fetch with the baby

Puppet is seriously considering becoming an outdoor dog. (Mostly joking. Puppet actually lay there attentively as Grady crawled up and bonked his baby head on Puppet's doggie nose.) (It was quite cute.)


  1. He's crawling!! OMG. I can watch this video over and over - what a smart baby you have! But where is Puppet?
    love from Pat

    1. Ha, I didn't get the Puppet one on camera. I only allow dog interactions if I'm right there between them, so it's too hard to document from that position. Grady also had some longer crawls that my camera was dead for, but I'm sure he'll keep doing it, and I'll try to get better ones. I knew you'd rather get an imperfect video right away than have me wait for the best one!

  2. OMG! He figured it out!!! I knew it would be soon....and that Grady would have his own special style of crawling....yeah for scoot-crawling!