Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things that are fun

The days just fly by too quickly for blogging lately. Grady has been sick with one thing or another for what feels like always; Jasper went to Sweden for a week; work has been demanding for everyone... but we're still here and Grady is still adorable. 

I haven't been great about taking pictures since Baby Grady went mobile. It's much more challenging to get decent ones since he's always on the move, and I am usually occupied with preventing him from doing grave bodily harm to himself. Because he would. Definitely still does not see "preservation of the baby's well-being" as one of his jobs. But we've captured a few moments here and there, and so here you go. I promise I have more substantive thoughts to share, just not the time in which to share them. Soon, I hope.

Overturning the baby gym and sitting in its roof parts:

Goofing in the yard with mom:

Playing fetch:

Playing with blocks, and especially the lid of the blocks-box:

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  1. Definitely as adorable as ever! love from G-Ma