Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Catch-up

We didn't really know what Grady would make of the Easter egg hunt this year. And from the outset, he didn't care for it one bit. You see, there were all these people. At his park. And crowds are something Grady still cannot abide. Particularly when they are ruining the typically placid ambiance at his park.

So, he thought he might bail. Hook up with some older boys who had a basketball.

But we persisted and once Grady learned that there was a job and it involved cleaning up the park, he was all in. He also thought the eggs were balls, and a world covered in balls is pretty enchanting if you are Grady.

Grady loves to find and pick up garbage at the park (my favorite, I'm telling you) and it turns out egg hunting isn't really all that different. 

He filled two whole buckets.

Flashback to the egg hunt last year:

The day after the egg hunt was actual Easter, and we gave the kiddo an Easter basket. Mostly because there were some randomish things we wanted to give him and rounding them up into a basket seemed tidier and more ceremonious than just snagging things here and there when we went to Target.

So, he got a basket:

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