Thursday, April 18, 2013


Grady is a guy who is really fond of hats. It was one of his very first words, though we were confused and didn't realize it at first because "that" was also one of his first words and in Grady's perfect little voice, they both sound like 'at.

Sometimes, Grady will realize he is not wearing a hat and then he must go get one immediately. If he is, say, behind a baby gate and unable to access his hats when such need arises, he will probably weep.

Other times, he needs to wear ALL THE HATS. Clearly.

He is also a pretty big fan of his shoe collection, which is ridiculously large (thank you, hand-me-downs) and lives in a cube with a monster/dinosaur/something-stereotypically-boyish face. However, if left to his own devices he will always choose the same pair of sneakers. Always.

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