Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick! Rewind!

You probably thought we were gone forever; that is, if you noticed we were gone at all. In fact, my own blog reader notified me about a month ago that this feed had gone dead, in case, you know, I wanted to unsubscribe. I didn't.

So here's a really quick round-up of the past few months, and then a whole slew of pictures of my adorable baby-toddler-boy-child.

Since last posting, these are thirteen things Grady the Gus has done:
  1. Enjoyed a visit from Jeems (grandma).
  2. Flew to Virginia TWICE.
  3. Attended two weddings.
  4. Endured one road trip to Santa Barbara, which takes a lot longer when you make lots of playground stops along the way.
  5. Made best friends with a dog named Beau and then made human best friends with a little girl named Juliet. He calls her Jajetts and gets so excited when he sees her that he can't even stand it. Once he got so excited that he bit her on the hand. As you do. I cried a little when I heard he'd made a little best friend. SO GROWN UP STOP IT.
  6. Graduated to the toddler room at daycare and promptly started loving it. At drop-off, he high-fives, maybe gives a "bye-bye," and runs off to play. When I picked him up last week, he wept. Horribly wonderful.
  7. Spent his first night ever away from the milk lady. Well, technically I was the one who spent the night away, on a very short business trip to Boston.
  8. (Unrelated) Decided that he is 110% a daddy's boy. It's a good thing mommy still has those milk spouts, because otherwise her unmitigated lack of utility might lead some to thoughts of bachelor pads. And by the way, this is so totally not right. I'm fun! Really, I'm very fun!
  9. Started saying a lot more words. At first I was keeping a list, but now it's just too many to keep up. I've been fascinated by the order in which he has acquired the words. I mean, "ivy" was really early on. And, well, that is nearly useless! He only just started using a word to mean yogurt (something he eats every day and now calls "otes"). For a while, his vocabulary was absolutely dominated by animal sounds, but he still doesn't make a dog sound, even though dogs are his favorite and were one of his first words. He's a mystery, you guys.
  10. Made his first trip to the ER. It was a cut on his eyebrow that he got horsing around outside. He totally would have survived and all, but it seemed like enough of a thing to involve a professional. They glued it shut! Very cool, and a surprisingly non-awful experience for everyone.
  11. For a while, refused to wear anything that was not a shirt with a dog on it. Subsequently began refusing to wear anything. 
  12. Determined that his next goal in life is to ride Mr. Puppet. 
  13. Developed a fascination with helicopters. He calls them "ottsies" and would like you to summon one into the sky whenever he would like to see one. Like now. Really, now. Why won't you give him an ottsy, you are SO MEAN.
And now your pictures:

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