Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Halloween #2

Grady has really, really strong opinions about what he wants to wear on any given day. So the idea that he would consent to wearing a certain pre-selected and unfamiliar outfit just because it was Halloween? Unfathomable.

For more than a month we discussed the matter, trying to get Grady's buy-in on a costume choice. I felt that I got a pretty firm commitment on octopus, and I found a $12 octopus costume on Amazon. So, the plunge was taken.

Leading up to Halloween, we talked about the costume for days, suggesting maybe (maybe?) trying it on (just a little?) (NOOOOOO!!!!!)

We practiced trick-or-treating for dry cereal and goldfish in the kitchen. (This remains a highly enjoyable game to this day.)

Somehow, with the temptation of trick-or-treating, and the allure of the Halloween decorations draped over our neighbors' lawns (he still misses those skulls and cobwebs), he tried on his costume the day before Halloween. We went walking around the neighborhood, because, well, I've come to understand that sometimes familiarity helps.

And then Grady won Halloween. He wore his octopus costume, and waltzed right up to people's doors to say "trick-or-treat-thank-you!" And then he wanted to taste every item he received immediately. I think he only actually consumed a single fun-size Crunch bar. And then he was a crazy person and had to call it a night.

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