Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

Grady really, really wanted to go meet Santa. He was very clear about it. We waited in a long line, and he remained committed. Which, honestly, is not a thing that happens ever. He told me that he was going to go meet Santa ALL BY HIMSELF and he was going to sit on Santa's couch, NOT on his lap. Cool. Good plan. Let's do this.

And then. He decided right at the last minute that he didn't want to. And I was the terrible parent who said, you know, dude, after an hour in line, we are getting the picture. So, here we are, Imma gonna wrestle you into the frame, okay, it's done.

I felt that it was a bit of a parenting misstep, to be honest. I knew I should have honored his decision to change his mind. But in the moment, with that long line at my back, I went with "screaming Santa photo, here we come."

And you know what? Within around 30 seconds of exiting Santa's couch space, Grady was talking about how he wanted to go see Santa, and sit ON HIS LAP this time. Because honestly, somehow I had held him back from the immersion Santa experience he had really, truly been after in his heart of hearts. Or something.

He now remembers meeting Santa as an absolute hoot, tons of fun, let's do it all the time. He was so excited to tell Daddy about it. I don't know, you guys. The kid's bananas.

I hope you're all enjoying the final moments of anticipation and prep. We're planning an epic walk after dark to see all our favorite light displays, but not a whole lot else. Pie, I should make some pie.

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