Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Christmas Report

Christmas turned out to be this really magical day when our two-year old didn't weep even once. And no one else did either! It barely felt like a family holiday at all, the emotional stability was so rampant.

First, the Gus slept late, because he doesn't know what's what yet, and also he had stayed up quite late the night before walking all over the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights for the 137th time this holiday season. He legit walked for over an hour. (Some of which was spent standing still gawking at his favorite lawn displays, but still!) So, the next morning found him still snoozing away about three hours after his usual wake-up time. (Which is too darn early anyway.)

Once he woke up and we told him it was Christmas and he finally got to go open the presents under the tree, he hustled right out, and was duly enchanted by his big unwrapped gifts, sleepy face and all...

Fire station from Tamma and Tampa:

Scooter from Gumpa:

The grandparents gazing on adoringly, as they do:

Grady was so delighted with each gift that he would immediately have to put it on or stop to play with it, sometimes for hours. It was nearly bedtime before he had opened everything, which was so so charming.

Robot hat!

Mom's new unbreakable mixing bowls, to share!

Ringing the fire station bell:

This one was such an unexpected hit. I found this set of wooden vegetables, held together by magnets, so that you can slice them apart with a little wooden knife. I got it thinking it might distract him a little when I am prepping dinners and such. He sliced his vegetables for hours on Christmas, and continues to go back to them. He's even learned to keep his fingers out of the way, a skill that will come in handy when he starts using a real knife someday, like when he's 37. (Also pictured: his new hose from Tamma. Also a hit, but not unexpectedly.)

Another not unexpected hit from Tamma: dustpan and hand-broom. Grady the Gus is a dude who has work to do and that work includes sweeping up dog hair.

Because we live in California, where it is ridiculous, this is what we did in the afternoon. Yeah, without any jackets.

Still opening presents, for the love, you guys, he's been at this ALL DAY.

Singing Christmas carols for Tampa the person (which is pronounced slightly differently from Tampa the city, really it's a completely different thing):

Scooting through the dining room...

Merry (belated) Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and kept the weeping and property damage to a minimum.

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  1. Looks like Grady totally won Christmas this year! Go little dude!