Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Yoga Practice

Have you guys been seeing those shots going around of Giselle and her baby doing yoga? And it's as though a calm has washed over the world and her toddler is at peace with herself and her surroundings, listening to the sound of her breath moving across the back of her throat as she lets her consciousness settle upon her intention for today's practice. People love them in the same way they love babies who eat locally sourced kale smoothies. It's crunchy, but upscale and hip about it, and flipping ADORABLE.

Right, so, this is what that looks like in real life, without hired baby handlers and nutritionists and dedicated gurus and professional photographers and destination backgrounds and Brazilian supermodel genes and etc.


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  1. A friend passed this along to me, because I'm doing a 100 Days of Yoga challenge. My 15 month old daughter has been hanging out with me during some of my workouts, so I can relate to these pics. So sweet! Namaste, indeed. :)