Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Friday #7

This evening Jasper and I are attending not one but TWO gallery openings, where our artist-friends are showing their work. Yes, we have artist-friends. Believe me, we are as surprised as you. So many dimensions to us.

This is what I would wear if I were quite a lot more hip and even more than that less pregnant:
Fall maternity (gallery opening)

Shift dress, $258
3 1 Phillip Lim leather motorcycle jacket, $1,518
Missoni, $16
J.Crew platform high heels, $285
Marc by Marc Jacobs leather tote bag, $480
Kris Nations circle necklace, $105


  1. Yes, pretty hot duds! I can't believe how close you're getting reading your blog, sorry I never comment!! :-)