Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby's got taste

This is not a sponsored post, because, people, please. I have twelve readers. 

Breaking news: Baby Grady has finally found a bottle that he approves of. He actually chugs from this thing. It's completely baffling to me.

I'll be honest, I didn't even want to buy the damn thing. And I wouldn't have. But the shop was out of the bottle I did want. So the shopgirl recommended the Medela Calma, and I thought, "Of course you do; it's a $20 baby bottle." I looked it over, convinced it would not address my problem. I told her that it would not address my problem and that I was really more into boob-shaped bottles these days. Something like the Comotomo, perhaps. And she said they didn't carry that, but they got a sample and I could have it. (I was clearly being extremely chatty and pathetic and it was a pity bottle, no doubt.)

So I'm thinking she's a damn fool for not carrying this great boob-shaped bottle, but I also feel like I can't just take her pity bottle without buying something, and I am such a sucker like that. But it would be bad manners, it seems. So I buy a designer bottle brush and the damn Calma. (I am an etiquette overachiever, clearly.) (And I really love that bottle brush, too.)

For the next week, I keep giving Grady the Comotomo. I'm convinced we're making progress. And maybe we are. The soft sides allow for squeezing milk out, so, I mean, we are putting milk in the baby. And some of it is being swallowed. But it's messy, and he's only occasionally sucking. Which means I am getting ever more stressed about the whole thing where I am supposed to go back to work. Because, I really can't do that if my baby can't eat.

Meanwhile, the Calma sat there on the counter, unopened. Because I knew it would not address our problem.

One evening I mentioned to Jasper that we still had one future-reject of a bottle sitting on the counter and that maybe I'd go ahead and try it, just for funsies. He approved. And I did.

And I was completely wrong about you, Calma. I don't know why, because Baby Grady is still often a complete mystery to me, but he seems to actually enjoy that darn bottle. Provided the milk is at precisely his preferred temperature. Obviously.

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  1. That's funny. His expression makes me think his goal in life is to play jokes on you.