Saturday, March 24, 2012

Four Months

On the occasion of Baby Grady’s four-month birthday, it seems timely to share that those who know him best (Jasper and I) are now in agreement that he has become a dramatically more charming baby of late. It’s really so much better for everyone this way. He smiles regularly in response to my trying-hard-to-be-hilarious antics, which is incredibly rewarding for me, since I love attention, even if it is from an infant who lacks the capacity for critical thought. This means that I am highly motivated to be ridiculous, which wears me out and makes me feel as though I have interacted with another human all day, so that then I am less likely to hit Jasper with a barrage of TEN MILLION TALES FROM MY DAY WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR THEM the second he walks in the door. I can only assume he has noticed my restraint, appreciated it, and given me the appropriate points in the tally he keeps in his brain. (I like to think of the tally as a complex formula with multiple variables and even a constant or two that I’m just stuck with.)

Baby Grady has also become a total chatterbox. (gets this from me!) Who knows what he’s saying (does he?), but he is enthusiastic about it for sure. I’d buy what he’s selling! Or vote for him. Or join his cult. Because, it would obviously be a cult of unbridled overeating and cuteness. (Yay! Who went up a size in knit lounge pants this week? More cupcakes for everyone!)

And now he has this giggle. It is silly and hilarious to listen to, so it makes me laugh. And that makes him laugh more. And that’s pretty much what we do with our days. Though we also occasionally sneak in a chore or two. Because Baby Grady permits me to put him down now! It’s such a luxury to once again have the occasional use of both my arms.

How much Baby Grady weighs: 18 lbs. 3 oz.
How tall Baby Grady is: 26 inches
Note: These statistics were gathered in non-clinical conditions and as such may have a wide margin of error; generally, he continues to grow.

Size of Baby Grady’s clothes: Mostly 6-month, but he’s steadily working his way into more 6-12 and 9-month stuff as well. We’ve found that rompers are too short until we hit the 12-month size. It’s the strangest thing. But we have also found that Baby Grady doesn’t really have the ideal body type for rompers. It actually confuses me. Other babies look normal and even cute in them. He just... doesn’t. What am I doing wrong? And what should he wear for summer? We need to buy some clothes for the first time and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Number of bottles (of breastmilk) Baby Grady has consumed: quite a lot; well, not full bottles, but I think we are about to have this one solved

Number of times Baby Grady has rolled over from his tummy to his back: 4 (he does this roughly once a month; just enough to keep me interested)

Number of naps Grady has taken in his swing: 4
Number of naps Grady has taken in his crib: 1
Number of naps Grady has taken in his stroller: 2

Baby Grady’s eye color: blue-brown; still calling that “hazel”
Baby Grady’s hair color: light brown and blond

Baby Grady’s favorite: Pardners; the song about the three little fishies; our morning song (that video is completely bizarre); Chicken Soup with Rice; March Madness; my friend Flora; the “dancies” in his “pantsies” (it’s true, I really have no shame whatsoever) (and no, that doesn’t refer to anything gross) (it’s just dance moves); nursing in the Ergo while hiking
Baby Grady’s least favorite: nursing in public; parties; wind; when strangers talk to him, which they do, because have you seen my baby? he’s ADORABLE.

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