Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grady Gus and the terrific, fantastic, so good, very lovely day

So, one day earlier this week (it was Monday), Baby Grady awoke early (at 6:00 a.m.) (yes, even after the time change) (I agree, it was very silly). He awoke ridiculously happy, as he does. All smiles, and chattering, and kicky feet. But it's what happened next that makes this a story. Baby Grady did not stop smiling, for pretty much the whole day. That's an exaggeration, because, come on, he's a baby. But he is also the world's scowliest baby. Until one day when he was not.

He smiled for his morning diaper change:

He smiled in his swing, while I prepped milk and made tea:

He smiled hanging out in his crib while I got dressed:

He smiled during tummy time (this had NEVER happened before):

He smiled when I put him in jeans to go run errands:

It was apparently just the best day! Who can say why? I mean, I was having an uncharacteristically good hair day (it was really, really good, I'm not gonna lie), but I'm sure that wasn't what Baby Grady was on about.

I reckon he heard that demon babies don't get siblings. Because, come on. Anyone who can look at that face and not want to make BABIES, LOTS OF BABIES? Made of stone.


  1. Don't discount the power of a good hair day!!! Gahhhh he's so cute. I love those smiles!