Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Friday #5

How long has it been since I posted about baby-belly style? Basically since forever, I know. I kind of decided that I hate maternity clothes and also realized that I still hate shopping. Then everyone started in with the boots and fall fashions and here I was in the Bay Area with summer all up in my fall. And that? I did not care for. But it is hinting at fall here now! We have seen some fog and changing leaves, and fallen leaves, and sadly also rain on the way, but it might not be summer anymore! Yay!

It still isn’t cold, or even particularly brisk, but I can dream of what I would wear if the air did have a bite:

Fall maternity

MIH JEANS corduroy jacket, $315
Maternity, $40
Knee length denim skirt, $109
Barbour boots, £270
Zipper bag, $40
Jeeyun Ha Designs 14k earrings, $260
Fringed shawl, $16


  1. I don't understand how you were able to make that lovely picture.

  2. Impeccable taste and magic! But mostly Polyvore. It allows you to pretend that you work for InStyle, without leaving the couch. And then it gives you the HTML to share your ensembles. My kind of "shopping."