Monday, September 19, 2011

Where babies sit

Granny J and Gumpa* sent Baby H the fanciest and most fabulous baby seat in all the land. Granny J saw it on The Today Show and apparently was filled with the knowledge that her future grandson needed such a fancy and fabulous seat. I mean, otherwise, where will he sit? She thought he might also need a stroller equipped with a built-in generator. You may wonder why a stroller would have a built-in generator. That would be to power the cell phone charger, the mileage and temperature display, and the... wait for it... daytime running lights. It also collapses and expands itself at the touch of a button. She admitted the stroller might be a bit more than we need, and I assured her it was. But then I also assured her that Baby H wants the baby seat ever so very much. It apparently moves like me. (But have they ever witnessed my moves?) I guess the model that moves like Jagger was backordered. But it does have an iPod dock for Baby H’s tunes.

Baby H’s new seat:

*Grandparent monikers for the Carriers remain uncontested at present...


  1. Oh my gosh, I want a seat and stroller like Baby H's too! (For ME, not my kids!!) :)

  2. A grown-up mamaroo seat would be fantastic!