Friday, September 16, 2011

Unsupervised #2

These are the things I've done while my husband has been away:

  1. Worked pretty much incredibly hard at my job and even worked from home one evening. (Are such conditions even legal??!!!)
  2. Inadvertently eliminated vegetables from my diet, out of food disinterest and also general laziness.
  3. Changed the sheets, which was very grown-up of me, don’t you think?
  4. Worked myself into a state of semi-fretful worry, yet again, over the fact that maybe my baby is TOO active? Abstained from googling “crazy fetus.”
  5. Gained half a pound. (I do this, like, all the time, sometimes right before your eyes.)
  6. Ate a lot of red grapes. Some of these were off of the floor, after I dropped them.
  7. Discovered Cinnamon Rice Chex, which are super-delicious.
  8. Incorporated my husband’s pillow into my sleeping fortress.
  9. Did not watch any of the new TV in the Hulu queue without him. (Not even the new episode of The Lying Game! Have you ever witnessed such self-control?)
  10. Read half of Twilight: New Moon. Seriously, why am I reading these books?
  11. Brought the giant box in from the porch with my own weak little arms. Decided I should not open it until Jasper gets home, because it is a gift. But then I also might be being lazy, because I don’t want to have to break down the giant box? With my weak little arms?
  12. Walked eight miles. No, not all at once.
  13. Committed to attend yoga tomorrow morning.

Assuming that you now feel pretty good about the way you spent the last four days, you’re welcome.


  1. I'm not telling what I did in the first 2.5 days that my husband was away. It's too bad we aren't closer so we can combine our fun. I do hope you got that Pad Thai for baby H. Thank you for entertaining me with the ongoing saga of growing this baby.

  2. I imagine you did very productive things like growing and eating lots of vegetables! We had pad thai for dinner last night, though the crazy craving had passed. It was still yummy, though!