Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nursery Decor

When my baby’s daddy found out he was going to have a baby, he took prompt and decisive action in the realm of putting things on the baby’s walls. So, for many months now our baby’s room has contained one (1) map of the universe with glow-in-the-dark stars and one (1) map of the world. There are a couple of other things that were already there and could stay or go, depending on what I do next, which is a lot of pressure on my decision-making center and I am a libra so I don’t actually even have a decision-making center at all. Hence, I have been much more waffley and hesitant about the baby’s room decor.

BUT! I have my eye on a few things and am starting to feel ready to commit. One of the challenges of decorating in earthquake country is that framed things cannot go over beds or cribs. So, if I choose nice prints that need the protection of a frame, my wall real estate is limited.

But I thought I would share the things I have my eye on. Because sharing is my thing lately. Had you noticed?

I’m super-crazy excited about these Collective Noun Posters:

We wouldn’t get the otters, because I think we’d go with the letter of Baby H’s first initial. And no, I am not telling you what that is, because I am also smug and secretive, when I’m not sharing.

I also feel a fondness for this charming paper-cut:

And, for something that wouldn’t need a frame, I’m getting a kick out of the Nerdy Baby Posters, like this one:

And I am still on the hunt for the perfect mobile. We have one over the changing table, but it is artsy and the Baby Daddy does not think it is approved for hanging over young Baby Halekas's sleeping chambers. (Too sharp and fragile-seeming.) So, I want something else over the crib. I have no idea what I’m looking for, but I know I haven’t found it yet. No real rush on that, since we won’t even be trying the crib until he’s a bit older, but if anyone has a favorite mobile source, hit me with a link.


  1. The Peter Pan one is scary. -- Danni

  2. Really, Danni? (And hi, Danni!!!) I thought it was whimsical. And infants apparently can't see colors for several months, so black and white is where it's at. Makes them grow giant brains, or something. But scary is not the goal. Obviously.

  3. Here is a link for some cute handmade baby mobiles