Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unsupervised #3

These are the things I did while my husband was away in Paris. (And no, I didn’t join him, because the flights were not eligible for miles and I was obviously not going to pay them real money for a three-day trip to Europe.) So, I did this:

  1. Went on a coffee date with Lauren and Chris, who now live in Reno, which is far away and makes me sad. (That they live far away. Not Reno. Reno’s existence has no bearing on my emotional state, as it turns out.)
  2. Went to pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners, only to discover that the cleaners was closed. This was pretty terrible, because I had really had to motivate hard to run that errand.
  3. Spent an entire lazy Sunday late afternoon/evening lounging around without any pants. Just me and my fuzzy-brained dogs -- who needs pants? I sometimes do this when Jasper is home, but he prefers that I don’t and I have no idea why. This is one of the mysteries that keeps our relationship lively.
  4. Ate lots of party leftovers. Like lots. Holy sudden appetite of enormity.
  5. Got excited for fall, and then got scowly when it warmed back up.
  6. Pondered pumpkin recipes, but held off, due to the warming-back-up.
  7. Pondered my impending birthday, decided I really didn’t care, then realized that a birthday is a good reason for cake, and decided I do care. For the cake.
  8. Pondered Halloween costumes, because it isn’t every year that you get to be gigantically pregnant for Halloween, and it may never happen again and so...
  9. Convinced myself that I was going to go into labor, because I felt funny. But I didn’t. (Go into labor.) (I did feel funny.)
  10. Spooned Reese.
  11. Worked really incredibly hard at my job. My final month of coasting before going on leave is so not happening as I envisioned it.
  12. Drank a blueberry smoothie, because Baby H wanted one. And wouldn’t you know it but that baby was right!
  13. Received the following greetings from strangers: “Hello, mommy.” (Ummm... gross?) and “OH! Bless yo’ baby!” (why thank you!)

Photo: Paris in a Box by MUJI


  1. #3 and #10 made me laugh out loud. This post was about reading your mind. It's crazy how humans use their brains. Lol. Happy birthday.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the oversharing from my silly brain. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :-)