Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Photo Frenzy

Now that he is a dad and all, Jasper works from home on Fridays. Because he is not normal, this means he actually spends the majority of the day poring over data (which looks like colorful lines and tells us things about the moon, if you were wondering). But when he took a break, he went on a photo-taking frenzy! You're welcome!

Blogging with Grady:

Upside-down nap:

This is almost the hilarious, loris-like expression he makes when I burp him, but this doesn't quite capture it:

Sometimes Baby Grady is very serious:

He actually hates tummy time. This photo is deceptive:

Me and mah baby:

Lounging on dad, resisting sleep. Shortly after this photo was taken, he was lulled to sleep by Rihanna. "Disturbia." Yeah, I have no idea.

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