Saturday, December 17, 2011

Frog Baby

The thing about parenting (because there’s just one thing, you know... simple stuff here) is that there is always something to worry about. The thing about me and Jasper is that we always worry about different things. And not just different, but opposite. It’s super fun! So, I fret that Grady might be too cold (probably because I am always cold, except when pregnant, which was just such a fantastic metabolic interlude in my normal reptilian biology). Meanwhile, Jasper frets that he is too hot (because he is a difficult man, I tell you what).

To keep things exciting, when we bathe Grady, we switch roles! I know; it’s so confusing. But suddenly I am the one fretting that Jasper is making the water too hot. I like the water hot, don’t get me wrong, but Grady is a baby! Don’t babies need more mildly warm water? Can you believe that two educated adults can’t sort this out? I think we are both right, just on opposite ends of the accepted range.

In other news, bath time is the one time Grady seems to love his nakedness. He lounges back in his cushy little bath-bed (awesome hand-me-down from Auntie Shana), and just chills like a frog. It’s pretty much the cutest, but I am not going to post naked baby pictures, because I think I might have a policy against that.

Finally I leave you with a quote from Jasper, spoken as I was gingerly airing out Grady’s important bits, post-bath (because I fret about excessive moisture intrusion on the baby):

“You know, you’re pretty much massaging a loaded weapon there.”


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