Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week One

What Baby Grady did in his first week:

  1. Spent two days in the hospital after birth, being harassed by nurses wanting to take his temperature and listen to his heart. He was vocal in his outrage at these injustices. Of course, during the same time period, I was subjected to even more aggressive postpartum assistance. Blood pressure monitoring (always low, but I guess this is the sort of thing that gets funny ideas if you don't keep a very close eye on it?), uterine massage (not nearly as nice as it sounds... in fact, not nice at all), etc. [you can assume that “etc.” is a stand-in for “extreme grossness.” Because labor and postpartumness? Extremely gross. I had no idea. Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday. But I might not.]
  2. Confirmed that he loves his daddy’s singing.
  3. Loved his first car ride, home from the hospital just past midnight. (They did not evict us in the middle of the night... We were under 48-hour observation due to a brief fever I exhibited near the end of labor. As soon as we had been there 48 hours, we begged for discharge, and had the nicest of all possible nurses, who greased the wheels and got us right out of there.)
  4. Learned to breastfeed in record time and inspired my body to produce enough milk to feed a small village-worth of babies. So, if you know any extra babies, send them my way.
  5. Gained half an ounce in his first five days (See: expert breastfeeding skills and milk supply adequate for small village-worth of babies)
  6. Convinced us that he is absolutely not going to sleep beside our bed in a bassinet, because he is going to sleep cuddled against mom, possibly with a boob in his mouth.
  7. Met Auntie Katy and Auntie V in the flesh and met the Spokane grandparents on the Skype, often with a boob in his mouth!
  8. Exhibited truly precocious levels of head and neck control, sometimes also with a boob in his mouth!
  9. Took a ride in the Baby Bjorn to the neighborhood Starbucks.

And here are some pictures we took:


  1. my bff just told me that you bleed for weeks afterwards. that was way TMI.

    oh I read some ... cross-cultural posts on breastfeeding the other day. found them in my browser history, should you have a few minutes:

    PS how's the migraine count these days? I was having problems reading today, wondering if my eyes were going bad, when I realized it was a visual migraine (I haven't had one in several weeks). Turned out the lights and rather enjoyed the "show", if you will, before I feel asleep and woke up to a headache. anyway, it was kind of cool, if that makes any sense...

  2. I think it varies by person, but suffice it to say that there is a lot of grossness.

    I pointed out to Jasper that I am breastfeeding like a Kenyan and he hopes it means Baby Grady will run marathons like a Kenyan. ;-)

    No migraines lately. Mid-pregnancy was definitely the worst phase for them. Sorry to hear you're having more!