Monday, December 26, 2011

One Month

Photo: Baby Grady, one month old, and Bruce de Bruce, Jasper's first and favorite teddy bear (so says Grandma)

According to the calendar, my baby is one month old. He actually turned one month on Christmas Eve, but I was busy being Christmasy and did not take time to update his fans. Bad blogger.

So, one month old. This sounds unbelievable. How can he already be a whole month old when HE JUST GOT HERE? But also, how can this baby have been part of my life for a mere month? I mean really? I feel like we’ve known each other so much longer. All of our routines (which are not yet even routines, but rather constant responses from me to Baby Grady’s tyrannical demands) are so intertwined, it’s hard to imagine how my days were structured and paced before I took every cue from Baby Grady. I mean, I must have been able to get a drink, or a snack, or a dry shirt for goodness sake, just any old time I wanted! Spoiled rotten, I tell you. Thank goodness this baby came along to put me in my place.

Grady has spent the vast majority of his time so far eating, sleeping, and growing more baby. In the past week or two, he has advanced to making eye contact and working out in his baby gym. Other favorite activities include standing and jumping with assistance and demanding that his people walk him about, possibly while also singing to him. But not tummy time. Tummy time is the worst, Grady will have you know. I think he’s smiled for real a few times, but these findings are not yet peer-reviewed.

How much Baby Grady weighs: 11 lbs, 10 oz
Size of Baby Grady’s clothes: mostly 3 month, some 3-6 month... the 0-3 are pretty much a thing of the past, save a few stretchy onesies (for layering, of course)
Number of diapers used so far: 280 375 (approximation) (just doing our part to fill those landfills) (we’re going to get going on the cloth soon...)
Number of bottles (of breastmilk) Baby Grady has consumed: one. (He seems totally fine with it, and we wanted to introduce it now, when his eating is well-established but he is not a curmudgeonly older baby so set in his ways that he refuses it. Also, I really wanted a glass of sparkling wine on Christmas Eve, and this allowed me to skip a few hours of feedings to ensure I was not getting my baby drunk. Getting your baby drunk is super-frowned-upon these days.)

Baby Grady’s eye color: still dark blue
Baby Grady’s hair color: brown trending to blond

Baby Grady’s favorite: Josh Ritter and boobs
Baby Grady’s least favorite: the hours of 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm and hiccups

Words in Baby Grady’s vocabulary: just kidding, he’s a month old!


  1. omigosh, thank you, Danni. I felt like I was bombing this post, but I feared that if I waited until I felt hilarious, my baby would be two months... or more! So thanks, for the flattery -- well-timed, lady.

  2. I know what you mean about the dichotomy of feeling like you've known your kid for a long time, and yet feeling like they couldn't possibly be as old as they are (my son is 7.5 months (!)... the days of passerbys saying "when are you due?" or "congratulations!" or "oh look at the little baby" are long gone). Anyway, the real reason I am commenting is about the cloth diapers: to help ease my transition to cloth diapers after the first few weeks of those addictive disposables, I started using cloth diapers during the day and kept the disposables for the night, intending to wean myself from those too eventually. Well, here I am still putting my son in disposables at night, and since he only needs one a night, I have found my peace with it. And after a couple of days, I found the cloth diapers almost as easy as the disposables and haven't looked back. I assume you have already decided what diapers to use, but in case you haven't, I really like my system of prefolds and Thirsties Duo Wraps (snaps, not velcro). Even the teachers/caregivers at the far-from-granola daycare my son goes to are okay with the system.

    Congratulations on your cute little boy (great smile!), and best wishes for all the baby adventures coming your way.

    -Samantha (friend of J's from college and also a blog stalker)

  3. Hi Samantha! Thanks for reading/stalking and commenting! And thank you for the cloth encouragement. I already chose Thirsties Duo and prefolds (we'll use a service for those), so I'm glad that was a good choice! You are right about the disposables being addictive! I keep thinking we'll switch when every diaper isn't a poopy one... assuming that will happen... And Grady's future daycare is also happy to do cloth, so no excuses there!