Monday, October 8, 2012

End of an era

For the past eight years or so, all of the "Carrier kids" -- meaning, me and my two brothers -- have lived within a few hours' drive of the Bay Area. For more than half that time, we've all been in the Bay Area proper. We've spent nearly every Thanksgiving together (last year was an exception), many Christmases, and lots of kids' birthdays. Having family nearby became natural and obvious and I took it for granted entirely. I think we all did. It's funny (peculiar) how far away an hour feels when you're all so busy.

Well, yesterday we hit up what was presumably our last family party at the park in Portola Valley. My older brother Gregg, his wife Carey, and their kids Charlie and Toby are moving to San Diego later this month. I think they're going to love it there, but I'm selfishly bummed that we won't have them so close, that our kids won't grow up seeing their cousins many times a year.

Charlie and Grady:

Grady had a blast crawling in and out of these tunnels with his cousins. I thought he would be too cautious to go all the way through, but it only took him a few minutes to get up his nerve and then he was zipping around chasing everyone:

As if that weren't enough, I learned just today that my little brother is moving to Hawai`i next month! He hadn't mentioned a thing about it, because he is elusive and a mystery. I may never see him again, is what I'm realizing. I mean, I probably will, but it could be years!

Grady loved watching Uncle Chris play his uke today. It made him concentrate super-hard:

He also enjoyed being a giant hambone for him:

Grady also partook in general party things, like the sandbox:

And a strawberry:

We didn't take enough pictures, and we didn't get a group shot, which was really silly. Next time. We're gonna miss you guys like crazy!

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