Saturday, October 6, 2012

FFFA: Oakland Zoo

Last weekend we took Baby Grady to the zoo for the first time. We live, like, ridiculously close to the zoo. I'm not even kidding, if a tiger got loose, they would definitely have to look for him in our neighborhood. But even though the zoo is super ridiculously close, we hadn't bothered to go yet because we didn't really think Grady would be into it yet. And you know what? He really isn't! I mean, he was fine with it. We went early to beat the crowds and he found it to be a perfectly pleasant walk. But the exotic animals? Not really impressing Baby Grady.

The first animals we saw were tigers. There was one walking around too, but she went behind a bush.

This is what Baby Grady thought of tigers:

"I have never been so bored in my entire life."

Then we saw giraffes, which are just the most delightfully goofy, part-alien critters ever, don't you think? They look like cartoon characters. Baby Grady was really taken with the ducks that hung out in the water in the giraffe enclosure. Strangely, I heard a much larger child shrieking with excitement about the ducks. I mean... okay.

"M R DUCKS!!!"

This is what Grady thought of the meerkats:

"I refuse to even look in the direction of that most boring of all creatures."

But the zoo did have some features that enchanted Baby Grady. Notably, Daddy's shoulders were at the zoo!

"I'm the tallest baby in the world!"

And also, his stroller!

"Strollers are even better when you are not in them!"

And a very intriguing rope spider-web for climbing upon.

"That big-kid keeps saying he is a spider. I'm a baby and even I can
clearly see he is not a spider. I wish he would get off my web."

And finally, Grady's hat was at the zoo, and that thing is a riot.

"I am definitely not at all interested in the monkey
swinging from branch to branch over my head."

We'll be back, zoo.

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