Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FFFA: Birthday pumpkins

This is terribly old news, but I had a birthday earlier this month, and yes, whatever, they come around every year. I'm just not one to get too fussed about grown-ups' birthdays. (Apologies to all of you about whom I have made an inadequate fuss.)

I do, however, ascribe to the notion that within one's nuclear family or whatever other unit of intimate relations one is accustomed to, the birthday haver should enjoy a day of treats and getting to choose activities and that sort of thing. So, it's not that I believe in ignoring birthdays. Just not throwing an effing parade, okay? [Sidenote: Jasper hates to choose, so on his birthday, I also choose. But I try to choose from a Jasperish perspective.]

Anyway, that was actually not foreshadowing. DUMDUMDUM... (no.)

For my birthday, I decided that I wanted to take one Baby Grady for his inaugural visit to a pumpkin patch. Because babies in pumpkin patches? They are a THING, you guys. If you do not photograph your baby with a pumpkin (and preferably post it to Facebook) at some point within the fall season, it is possible that CPS will make a note. They most likely won't show up or anything. I mean, overkill much? It's just pumpkins. But, it'll put you on notice.

After a brief flurry of research I discovered that the annual Harvest Festival was taking place at Ardenwood Historical Farm nearby. So off we went. [Sidenote: I am almost certain that Jasper thought this was a really, really dumb idea, but he never spoke a peep of such sentiments. Because it was my birthday and I get to choose and there are RULES about these things.]

It turns out it was a somewhat dumb idea. I was annoyed that it was so warm and didn't feel properly autumnal. But what can you do... that's October for you. Baby Grady did not understand pumpkins, I'll be honest. And he definitely did not understand why we would take him someplace with such wonderful clods of dirt and then try to prevent him from eating them. But we got pictures! Baby among the pumpkins!

Okay, a pumpkin.

Okay, all the pumpkins.

Yay, dirt.

Seriously, what the hell, you guys?
After a little while, the baby went rogue and decided he wanted to steal that wagon.

Once we felt we'd done all the pumpkining required, we entered the actual farm. The grounds were really lovely and there were various activities, but most of the "things to do" had long lines and crowds. Except for this beautiful lawn. So Grady worked this lawn hard. At one point, he was referred to by a passerby as "a photographer's dream." Indeed.


See you guys, I'm out.

This lawn really saved the day, Milk Lady.
And then we went and had burgers. As we do.

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