Sunday, June 12, 2011

17 Weeks

I’ve received a number of requests for belly pictures. Do I have a cute little Hollywood burrito bump? Have I turned into a complete whale (yet)? Inquiring minds want to know. This is a completely understandable impulse and I do not judge you for it. So, here’s your weekly update on the logistics of the growing-a-baby project.

How big is the baby? Well, this big:

Yes, that’s a turnip.

And how big am I? Well, this big:

No, that is not a turnip.

Now that we have that out of the way, in other news:

I’m still sleeping mostly on my belly, but I think it may be time to stop soon. I can often feel the baby swimming about while I'm on my stomach and it makes me wonder whether that’s positive feedback, or whether he or she is swimming frantically about wondering why my previously spacious uterus has caved in. You know, like the garbage-compactor scene in Star Wars? I hate that scene; it’s very stressful. I don’t want to inflict that upon my unborn. All this is to say, I think I may be in the market for a body pillow to prop me into an appropriate side-sleeping position. Fascinating, right?

I have also become a less fussy eater, though I am still more fussy than I was before I got knocked up.

Things that are edible again (sometimes): cheeseburgers, coffee beverages (just coffee is still banned)
Things that are still inedible: most meat
Things I will choke down because I am a grown-up after all: chicken (Okay, only sometimes, and I only make myself take two bites.)
Things that are now fine, but used to be awesome: oranges, orange juice, avocados, strawberries, fruit smoothies
Things that are awesome today, but don’t strike me as having staying power: pie
Perennial favorites: potatoes, cheese, peanut butter

Nickname I might be calling the baby these days: Trout

Number of clothing items the baby owns: 2

Number of nerdy posters on the baby’s walls: 2
Number of books the baby owns: 2
Number of kicks Jasper has felt: 2

(This is getting weird, right?)

Number of miles the baby likes to run: 4-5
Number of miles the baby can run: 6.5

Time of day the baby is most active: 9:00 PM
Time of day the baby is second most active: 5:00 AM

Number of people who have touched my belly (other than my husband and my doctor): 4
Number of those people who were complete strangers to me: 1

That’s all I’ve got. Anything else you’re dying to know? Leave it in the comments or email me.

Turnip photo: Wikipedia


  1. You (and the turnip) are too adorable! We grew some turnips in our garden but I think your is bigger than mine! When can we hang out soon? Next weekend?

  2. Oh, thanks so much Lauren -- you're too sweet. I'll email you about next weekend!