Sunday, June 26, 2011

19 Weeks

19 weeks pregnant is a bit like a 19th birthday, I’ve found. There really isn’t anything majorly different going on these days. But that won’t stop me from turning same-old-same-old into milestones! News! Et cetera!

How big is the baby?  Well, the size of a large heirloom tomato, of course! And yes, that’s bigger than a bell pepper!

And how big am I?  Big:

Jasper was away last week, and I thought the fact that I pretty much doubled in size would come as a shock to him. But no, he remains unfazed by my dimensions.

Baby is still a complete spaz, and rarely does an hour go by that I don’t feel wriggles and kicks. Which leads me to our first (possibly only) question: Do we think the baby kicks when he/she likes what is going on, or rather when the situation warrants a great big thumbs-down? We are very much hoping for the former, because if not, this little dude is the most discontented baby ever. And that? Well, that isn’t the goal. I mean, obviously.

Okay, wait!!! We have a real milestone. Apparently, the baby heard me typing (no really) and decided to give me some news to report. We are now seeing kicks (and punches) from the outside. Through my clothes! Because of course I don't blog naked. That would be so inappropriate! And how do I know that we have both kicks and punches? Well, because I witnessed simultaneous action at opposite ends of my uterus. And if our baby has the flexibility to have his feets at opposite sides of my uterus, well, he didn’t get that flexibility from me. Or, needless to say, from his father.

Tallying up the numbers:

Number of times Jasper has felt the baby kick: lots
Number of people who have touched my belly: 6
Number of migraines this week: 0 (yay!)
Number of books the baby owns: 3
Number of bibs the baby owns: 2

Coming up this week: The big gender reveal. Unless the baby is shy. Which he/she has every right to be, but probably isn't. We are still betting boy. If you want to hazard a guess, leave a comment. If you’re right, the prize is that feeling of being right. Which is a really awesome feeling, am I right?

Picture of heirloom tomato: Baby Center


  1. Definitely Yay! to no migraines this week. Not only are you getting bigger, but your hair is getting longer. I couldn't really tell in the other pics.

    Jasper's kid is behaving much like he did at that stage, always ready to be awake and active. You have me convinced it's a boy but I'm holding my breath until I hear. We were always pretty sure that Jasper was a boy too.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. I had heard that hair grows more during pregnancy, so I decided to let it go and see what would happen. I'm hoping to be able to do a pony-tail by the time the baby comes -- I think it'll get there in time.

    We're excited to see you too! And the baby is looking forward to kicking for you!