Friday, June 10, 2011

Crafting #1

I learned to knit nearly 15 years ago, but I am still most resoundingly beginner in my skills or lack thereof. I can’t blame innate lack of talent. To blame is habitual lack of knitting activity.

But now that I am engaged in the production of a chubby-thighed baby (yes, my baby will have discussion-starting thighs. why would you even question that?), I have found new motivation to create homespun little articles of cuteness with which to draw increased attention to those thighs. I speak, of course, of baby leg warmers.

Baby leg warmers are, apparently, a trend among the baby-aged set. It’s no wonder. They are ridiculously cute. They also, allegedly, “knit up quickly.” That last assurance would apply to those crafty types who have knitted more than one hour per year for the past 15 years. Also to people who have ever used fine-gauge yarn, or three (four?) needles with points at both ends such that they surreptitiously drop all of their stitches when you are paying attention to a different needle for all of five seconds. I am pretty sure I am being trained to pay attention to multiple things at a time, so that my future child does not fall on his or her head while in my care. It is a very clever project, you see.

This is what they should look like when I am finished:

This is what mine look like now:

Not much, I know. But, people. That cuff is where the baby’s rolly little ankle of fatness will go. Did you just die? I know.

Photo of completed baby leg warmers: by Kate Sears, from

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