Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby like Beckham

So, I don’t mean to brag or anything (except that I totally do), but our baby is a kicking prodigy. Just a couple days ago, I mentioned how those maybe-baby flutters, skittering about the abdominal region, are confusing sensations. Well, I got sick of wondering (shocker) and set about to find out. Flutters, are you my baby?

On Tuesday night, when baby skittered, I placed my hand firmly on his skitters. And he thumped me. Two solid little thumps.

During the day on Wednesday, I repeated the exercise at my desk, and got two firmer thumps.

I was starting to think that my evidence was amassing to the point of being data. So I took it to the scientist.

As we lay in bed Wednesday night, the baby was being a wild thing. Swimming laps, kicking, punching, perhaps hanging window treatments to make my uterus more homey. I really couldn’t say. What he does in there is really his business, as long as he isn’t hurting anyone. Anyway, I told Jasper that while it was way too early, he should try to feel the baby. Skeptically (like any good scientist), he placed his hand on my belly.

Right on cue, a wallop! Not a thump, a wallop, smack to the middle of his hand. Perhaps our baby’s first high-five. Giddiness ensued among all parties. A very big moment given that, under normal circumstances, Jasper does not take to giddiness. Though I totally do, like, all the time. It’s a big personality divide for us, though it’s one we manage, mostly because he puts up with me. Things that make me giddy: sunshine, ice cream, high blood sugar, low blood sugar, running lots of miles, country music, especially pop country music, Reese’s fuzzy pants, Fridays, cupcakes, when Puppet gets the zoomies, cherries, heirloom tomatoes, surprise flowers, things to celebrate... etc. Things that make Jasper giddy (updated to reflect latest events): gimlets, dance music, baby wallops.

Jasper’s list of giddiness agents increased by 50 percent today. (And yes, I totally checked with him to confirm that I was doing that math right...)

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  1. Arguably, my list of giddiness agents increased by 100 percent. Since, you know, dance music only really works after gimlets... so, it's not clear that it's an independent giddiness agent.

    Take home point: Baby kicks are cool!