Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monkey pajamas

On Saturday, Jasper and I enjoyed an afternoon diversion of Adventure at the Target and going to see X-Men. The movie was very enjoyable. Recommended for vapid summer fun.

So, the Target. The trip indicated from the outset that it would be an Adventure when I got a migraine aura on the way over. If you don’t know what these are, mine look a lot like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1sXbdaIB-g So, already, what with half my vision obscured by sparkles, you know this trip to the Target will be an Adventure.

We started with some boring household items... a shower curtain liner and I don’t even remember what else because it was so boring. Then I saw the wallets, and I needed a new wallet, because Mr. Puppet had eaten mine the day before. I know: talented. So, I found a shiny wallet that might be yellow, or maybe tan, or even a little bit orange, and it was $4.93 on clearance and so into the cart it went.

Then I realized I had my vision back. And, seeing out of both eyes is typically so boring to me, but right after a sparkly aura, it is delightful and special and made me so much less cranky. So we got ourselves over to the baby section to see what they had going on there. There was a baby monitor that senses your baby’s most slightest of tiny movements and sounds an alarm if the offspring stops moving for 20 seconds. I mean wow. We pondered car seats but didn’t feel ready to pull the trigger on anything. Jasper wants an infant seat for his car, while I’m leaning toward a convertible for mine, because I think I am actually too lazy in the arm regions to lug the carrier-thing that gives the infant seat its main appeal. We looked at swings and johnny jump ups, and found our way to breast pumps and felt daunted and humbled. Then I spotted onesies, thank goodness, because onesies are adorable and so not intimidating. Like, not at all!

Disappointingly, all the onesies were gender-specific. And, while we know our little spawn is a boy, we do not yet know this, and thus must purchase only gear of the gender-neutral persuasion. But then we saw the monkey pajamas! Pajamas! With monkeys all over them! And matching hat! In tiny little newborn proportions! I died. If I weren’t already knocked up, those pajamas would make my ovaries ache. We also snagged us a hooded baby bath towel that looks like a frog. It is also sweet and adorable, but it’s no monkey pajamas. These jammies are our first baby clothes and I think I will love them forever and ever.

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