Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 Weeks

Yes, this post is late. I am actually 21.5 weeks, but who’s really counting? Other than me, I mean. At first I thought of skipping it, but then I thought you might miss me. Did you miss me? I hope you did. But not in, like, a totally sad way. Just in a “wish you were here!” way. Except you’d actually mean it.

So, how big is the baby? Well, first allow me to say that I am convinced that giant baby boy is perhaps precociously, well, giant. But we will continue to play along. To be honest, I find the produce this week a bit uninspired. How long is the baby? As long as a carrot, apparently. Like, a long carrot.


And how big am I? I am officially “oh my freaking god, are you effing kidding me?” big. It’s pretty big:

The major news this week is that my gigantic belly is suddenly making its presence apparent even to total strangers. First, a man on the street congratulated me. I had not done anything particularly impressive just prior to his remark, so I can only guess he was giving me props on the getting knocked up. If only he knew how cute my husband is, he’d have thrown me a parade. Then, an elderly woman on BART offered me her seat. I mean, how sweet is that? And no, of course I didn’t take it. So, yes, baby boy has gone public.

In other news...

Latest addition to baby’s playlist: Pearl Jam (Yeah, what is this? It’s another something from his father is what it is. And again I ask, what about my genes? Am I merely the vessel for a Jasper clone? Which would totally not be the end of the world or anything, but still.)

Number of onesies the baby owns: roughly 847 (Hand-me-downs are my favorite.)
Number of moon-shaped nightlights the baby owns: 1
Number of people who have touched my belly: 9

Baby’s favorite foods this week: peaches and chocolate cupcakes (yeah...)

Photo of carrot: Baby Center


  1. Most importantly, what does Mr. Puppet there think about all these shenanigans?

  2. Miki,

    I was just thinking the same thing. One never really knows what Puppet is thinking, but I speculate that he's thinking "Wow, that belly is even bigger than my gigantic head!"


  3. Wow, the boy IS effing big! And, I agree that the selected produce is quite underwhelming.

  4. whooo hoooooo! I haven't seen your blog until now (hangs head), and I LOVE it. Also, you look Fabulous.

  5. Lauren -- Sadly, the produce will remain hit-or-miss for a few more weeks until we get into the realm of melons and squashes.

    Thanks, Flora! You're such a doll! And no worries -- I'm glad you like it now that you've found it.