Sunday, July 24, 2011

23 Weeks

After the week of the spaghetti squash, you will inevitably find this disappointing. You may even feel deceived and more than a little hurt. It’s okay. I completely understand, and I’m not doing this on purpose.

According to the baby-as-fruit/veggie chart... Baby boy weighs as much as a large mango. Yeah, just a mango. Which is, apparently, a little over a pound. Is that an especially hefty mango? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I have ever in my life bought a mango. I find them disappointing, oftentimes. Like, they are playing at being a peach or nectarine, but then fall way short on flavor. Good in salsa, though. I have bought mango salsa. Lots of times. Because it is delicious.

Baby is also about a foot long, which is very much longer than a mango, I am fairly certain.

So, a mango:

And me:


On Friday I had a doctor’s appointment where I got the full report from our “big” ultrasound. You know, the one where all anyone cared about was the gender? Well, they took all those millions of measurements for a reason and, in the radiologist’s highly paid opinion, Baby Halekas is completely “normal.” I mean, really, where did this bozo get his degree? Baby H so obviously excels in the areas of kicking strength and facial cuteness. How in the world could he call that “normal”? It’s like saying Reese has a “normal” level of charisma. Irresponsibly understated is what it is.

Number of people who have touched the belly: 13
How hilarious my doctor found it that I was keeping track: very
Number of people who have felt the baby kick: 3
Number of miles the baby can run before he is ravenous: also 3

Photo of mango: Baby Center

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