Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still running!

A couple weeks ago, Baby Halekas and I took what I thought might be our last run. He was bouncing uncomfortably and, to be perfectly honest, we hardly ran any of that “run.” It was mostly a hike. I kept telling him that if he would just move up a bit, I’d be much happier. I even did some downward-facing dog on the trail, to try to convince him, gravitationally, that things could be lovely and roomy if he would just move slightly north. He wasn’t into it. I was okay with that -- I’m not looking to win any athletic achievement awards in the pregnancy division here. If baby boy would prefer to walk, we’ll walk.

But over the last week or so, the whole baby-growing enterprise seems to have migrated upward. This is completely normal, and means that in several more weeks, I will be complaining about the crowding of my lung-parts. But for now? Winning. I feel far less pressure on my bladder-parts, and that is always a good thing. So, I wondered whether a little jog might be an option? Since I am feeling so buoyant?

So we headed out to Strawberry Canyon for a short plod along the pancake-flat fire road. And it was lovely. It was 3.6 miles of slow, comfortable jogging through the shady eucalyptus. And yes, 3.6 miles “counts.” As an ultrarunner (membership is for life, right?), it is easy to get in the mindset that anything under 6 (plus?) miles is not even worth getting sweaty for. And even at that distance, it should have some sort of tempo, recovery, etc. sort of an ancillary goal, or why even step out the door? But right now? 3.6 miles of plodding absolutely counts.

After the run, we met up with Jasper for lunch, since the trailhead is right at his lab and he is working today. Yes, on a Saturday. Because apparently Mars might not be there on Monday? Kidding. (Obviously.) I’m sure Mars will still be there Monday. I mean, no one mentioned anything to me one way or the other. Don’t go starting any rumors.

Jasper and I sat outside with a view of the Bay, munching sandwiches, chips, nectarines, and cookies. (Don’t you wish I would bring you lunch at work? Yeah, well, shoulda put a ring on it.) Then we went inside to see what the Gregs were up to. (Apparently all mechanical engineers are named Greg. At least, that’s what my experience tells me.) And what they were up to was DISASSEMBLING THE INSTRUMENT. I was pretty disappointed. It seemed to me that they were anti-working. But they allegedly needed to clean and bedazzle it, before it could go in the clean room, before it could go into the vacuum chamber. It is all very fancy and scientific and the vacuum chamber is the perfect size to stash a body.

Jasper snapped this picture to document the size of the belly that I took jogging:


  1. Nice shot! Glad you're keeping your membership active, even though you are entitled to the 12 month hiatus program. And you never know when Mars may make a break for a further post in the galaxy causing major confusion amongst the Gregs.

  2. Thanks, Brian! I hope that 12-month hiatus is allowed from running entirely and not just from ultras... If Mars moved to a new post, I'm pretty sure the Gregs would have to do significant recalibrations. They'd probably take the damn instrument apart again.