Friday, July 1, 2011

The big ultrasound


The 20-week ultrasound is commonly referred to as “the gender ultrasound.” I mean, that's what everyone's there for. Its actual purpose is apparently of greater medical significance. They check out the baby’s heart, measure everything they can think of to measure (seriously... everything), and, of course, check out the bits between the legs.

Jasper has, since before I ever took a pregnancy test, averred that our baby is a boy. He had a vibe, he said. For those of you who don’t know, Jasper is a space physicist (rocket scientist in lay terms) and all that that entails. In other words, he is not a man of vibes. He is a man of data. Except, apparently, when it comes to his developing offspring.

The first thing about an ultrasound, which I just can’t help sharing, is that it’s really weird to have someone tell you that you will have to pee soon. Not, as in, you must pee soon, for examination reasons, but rather, “I am looking at your insides, and am telling you that your bladder will be full soon.” Um, wow. Thanks for the heads-up.

Yes, I am dawdling. Obviously.

Ultrasound Guy was a delight. What this means is that he was fully game for my charming and hilarious nature. I always tread lightly at first, because these medical types? They aren’t always any fun at all. Today’s guy was great. He confirmed for me that, in his professional opinion, our baby is the cutest EVER. And he has seen so many! I know, we’re really proud.

He was also really excited that we already “knew” it was a boy. He wanted to get right to the gender business, but then the baby was all “Look at my heart! I want to show you my heart!” And since Ultrasound Guy did have a lot of pictures and measurements to take, he obliged and spent some time getting various views of the four chambers. Which was pretty rad, I must say.

Then he moved on to “try” to get the money shot. Yeah, our kid is apparently not remotely modest. (He gets that from his father and there are photos to prove it.) Ultrasound Guy had no trouble getting a view of the bits that even I could interpret.

Turns out, Jasper’s vibes were spot on. We’re having a boy!

The little dude was also confirmed to be a brawny little spaz. Flipping, kicking, and punching through the whole exam. Jasper came home with plans to bolt the furniture to the walls.

Photo #1: Cutest baby EVER.
Photo #2: Cutest baby's fast little feets.


  1. Tears happening here! I had to force myself to read your whole post rather than leap to the end and the true exposure. (I think I am glad to NOT know where these pics are of Jasper. Or would those be the BK shots?)

    Wow, he - the baby -is so adorable!! We are not at all biased, of course, and we also feel the same about Jasper and you, too, Suzanne. I can't wait to see you in your new outfits and expanding glory.

    Looks like you have your parenting work cut out for you! I know you are both up for it, for sure. That is one lucky guy having you for parents. Oh the adventures he will share with you . . . Let's hope Reese and Puppet and your house feel the same one baby is up and around and into and on top of.

  2. We're all going to have so much fun with a little boy, aren't we? And I was talking about the BK shots, of course!

  3. Well, as you said, you already knew it was a boy. All of the old wives tales were apparently correct! So glad that the important medical part of the ultrasound went smoothly.