Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Friday #1

I recently took the plunge and bought some actual maternity clothes. In addition to some dresses that are styled such that they may as well be maternity clothes. My love affair with the empire waist began early in pregnancy, when I mistakenly and delusionally thought that everyone was speculating on the cause of my obviously expanding belly. Because for a minute I forgot that I am not Katie Holmes.

Now that I am actually showing (possibly even to strangers?), my wardrobe has dwindled dramatically. So, I got myself a small smattering of maternity clothes, and I really don’t know what took me so long. And by that I mean, why have I not been wearing this stuff my whole life? Having experienced the stretchy belly band of comfiness, I may never go back to structured waistbands.

And also? Maternity clothes have gotten sort of adorable and not at all tent-like. I mean, how polite that they’ve included some ruching to draw favorable attention to my belly!

Yes, Jasper finds this mildly alarming.

Heidi Klum photo: by Seal (No, just kidding, obviously. Promo shots for her maternity line from

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