Sunday, August 28, 2011

28 Weeks

Skipped a week! Again! You may be wondering what happened with 27 weeks and Jasper would like you to know that you missed a really good one. A head of cauliflower! I know, it was a really good one. I feel bad about skipping it, but last weekend I was scheduled to the gills and beyond. Not actually, but I had a big social thing on each and every day of the schedule for all three days. Crazy, right? And each of them required food and/or beverage preparation. Even crazier! And in my one significant free window, I made banana pancakes for my baby’s daddy and went for a run. So that time was no longer free at all! And I have particularly high downtime needs. Not always, I don’t think. But currently, yes. I get overwhelmed and quite tired when my schedule is so full. Because have you heard how very pregnant I am? Must be the hormones. Or the belly I carry everywhere. Or the lacking in the sleep department.

So. Now you are privy to the very depths of my patheticness. Or should that be heights? Depths sounds more pathetic...

And now I am a whopping 28 weeks along on this baby-growing adventure. Which places me solidly in the third trimester. Which I think is amazing, but Jasper wonders why it isn’t time to have the baby already. (Because it is the next thing on the to-do list after making the baby and growing the baby and he thinks the growing part is really starting to drag. Truthfully, he doesn’t actually want to have the baby yet, but only because he doesn’t yet know where he is supposed to park when we get to Labor & Delivery. Isn’t he the neatest?)

Given that we skipped the mighty cauliflower, I am sort of quite a bit saddened to share what the baby is this week. A Chinese cabbage. And I am left wondering, but not really deeply caring... is that the same as a Napa cabbage? It looks the same:

Meanwhile, the good news is that after a bit of a plateau, my belly is once again making great leaps forward. Meaning, you didn’t miss much last week. I think we are now getting into “not really very cute anymore” territory:

Amusingly, however, in the span of the last few days I have been called both “...fruitful” (which I assume means I was nearly mistaken for the Venus of Willendorf) and also “a tiny little thing” (as though akin to a Hollywood starlet, obviously). People! And their perspective! Such a riot.

Number of people who have touched the belly: 18

Number of Patagonia items in the baby’s wardrobe: 1
How sad we are that Patagonia does not make baby silkweight capilene: very
Number of consecutive days and nights that the baby danced without stopping this week: 3 (is there any doubt that he is a future ultra-runner?)

Number of beds the baby has: 3
Number of non-bucket bathtub-like vessels the baby has: 1

Number of prenatal yoga classes Baby H has attended: 1
Number of baby-related preparation classes we are signed up for: 4
Number of pages we have to read each day if we are to finish Cryptonomicon by the time the baby is born: 6
Number of “Nerdiest Pregnant Parents Ever” awards we have been nominated for: NONE (and how is that even possible?)

Photo: Baby Center

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