Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion Friday #4

This isn’t actually about fashion, exactly. But it is a recommendation for something to put on your body when you are pregnant, particularly when you are looking to exercise your pregnant body. And believe me, when you are pregnant, all you hear about is how great it is to exercise. You’d think these doctors were getting kickbacks from the prenatal yoga studios, what with their constant insistence that you should KEEP EXERCISING. Do just what you were doing before, they say. Oh, but then they say not to get too out of breath. Right. You know what? Being pregnant makes you totally out of breath, because you don’t have enough red blood cells for two people and yet you are breathing for two. And then by the time you have grown some more red blood cells and you start not being out of breath, you have gained a bit of weight in your baby-growing apparatus and your legs might not be too enamored of carrying around this new heft. Because they remember back when you were skinny and they are wimpy and reluctant to accept change. So, yes, while exercising as you normally would, but magically not getting out of breath, while growing a human and gaining a pound a week... you should wear this:

It’s the C9 by Champion babydoll tank, and it isn’t maternity, but please. It is a completely absurd look for exercise if you aren’t pregnant. And I’m sorry if you have it in all the colors, but really? It’s obviously a maternity top. It still fits me at six months in, and I think it’ll fit for at least another month. Maybe longer... I’m not even starting to stretch it and it’s nice and long. Another bonus is the built-in bra, meaning you only have to wear one bra under it. And if you don’t know why I need two bras, you might not be pregnant. Or you are holding your boobs as you run, which, okay, yes, I have also done, but it’s good to try to avoid it, don’t we think?

Here it is on me (yes, you’ve seen this picture before) as I pretend to still be sporty Suz:

Cute, right? They sell them at the Target.

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