Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Conversations #3

S: So, what do we bathe him in when he’s really small? Do we need one of these plastic tubs?

J: That seems like a racket -- just another one of those extra things they convince parents they need. We can use a bucket.

S: A bucket?

J: Yeah, or can’t we just kind of wipe him down?

S: Yeah, probably that.


  1. I always love when there is a new blog posting so I can get my fix. Today, LOL!! Even we managed a wash basin rather than a bucket. Maybe Jasper is remembering the 55 gal drum days.

    Hope you are getting some sleep.

  2. wet babies are very slippery. the shallow, gently sloping plastic bathtub my mom bathed me in also had a non-slip textured bottom (think sandpaper, but nicer. like the stuff you can get for your shower floor).

    surely there's some good secondhand baby stores around here, or hippie websites where you can just get one for free or loan one?

    or you can just bathe WITH your baby. :-)

  3. (good way to make sure the new mom gets a shower. my friend bribed her tot with special snacks so she could take a shower on Tuesday)

  4. Isn't he a riot, Pat? I sleep well about every third night... not too bad. This morning at 6:00 AM I grabbed Jasper's hand and made him feel the morning dance party in my belly.

    Jeanine, those shallow tubs aren't even expensive. Jasper just hates "stuff." I do too, but some stuff makes your life a lot easier, particularly where slippery squirmy infants are concerned! Speaking of hippie solutions, they do make mesh slings to wear the baby in the shower...