Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things People Don’t Tell You When They Tell You About Pregnancy #3

As I’m sure you’ve heard, when you have a baby, you’ll get no sleep! None! You’ll be miserable! Sleep now while you can!

I don’t really understand the point of these scare tactics... I mean, sleeping now is not going to make you any less tired in six months. It just isn’t. And it’s too late to back out, if, you know, you somehow hadn’t heard about the lack-of-sleep thing and now your decision on the whole should-we-make-a-baby question has completely changed. I have never known fear or dread to make a hard situation easier. So. Why, people?

But that’s not my point. My point is that with all this talk of how you won’t get any sleep once you have a baby (hahahahaha, pointing and much laughter...), NO ONE talks about the fact that babies are sometimes awake all night BEFORE THEY ARE BORN. And when they are awake, they are often kicking and squirming. And all this action is taking place inside of you and is not particularly compatible with sleep and you can’t even kick their father to handle this one, because DUDE. YOUR TURN.


Seriously, how had I never heard of this?

(Time: 4:53 AM)

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