Monday, February 4, 2013

And that was January

Right, so, then I took a month off from blogging. I don't know. I didn't see that one coming either. I imagine that the four of you are dying to know what we've been up to. (Let me dreeeeeaaam!)

Grady grows more impossible to photograph with each day. Here he is dragging Kasper Klip-Klap around. Kasper is from Germany by way of Switzerland.

Fun, right? He totally is.

So what did you miss in January? These things:

"Tell me about your world!!!!" -- Grady is now pointing at things nonstop and saying, "'at!" and we tell him what "that" is. It sounds completely adorable, and it is, until you are on a hike in the redwoods and the dialog sounds like: 'at! tree. 'at! tree. 'at! another tree. 'at! yeah, that's a tree too.

Kitchen inventory -- He developed a fondness for being carried around the kitchen so that he could open each cabinet in turn and take inventory on our dishes, glasses, spices, and other kitchen things.

Word of the month -- uh-oh (just wait until you hear his new February favorite word!)

Food of the month -- baby smoothies that come in pouches; perfect blends of organic fruits, veggies, yogurt, and whole grains for your baby-on-the-go, which Grady most certainly is

More slides -- Now he goes down properly, on his tush, with a huge grin on his face. He is especially skilled at his personal home slide that he got for Christmas from Granny J and Gumpa. He crawls to the top, throws his farm animals down first (uh-oh!) and then scoots his own adorable self down. It's crazy cute. Must take more pictures.

Night terrors -- So, yeah, now the baby not only wakes up a million times a night, but also screams frantically and inconsolably when he does. It's disturbing and also rather disruptive, I'm not gonna lie.

Chabot Space and Science Center -- Geems and Pop-pop got us a membership for Christmas and we went three times in January! Grady's favorite part is the entrance to one exhibit that has long strips of clear orange plastic like a walk-in cooler. He'll go back and forth through that thing for ten minutes.

New PR for us and B.O.B. -- Grady and I knocked out 11.5 miles one Saturday (or possibly Sunday) morning with Bob the jogging stroller this month! We didn't even plan on going long that day, but it was just one of those days when you run and nothing tells you adamantly that you must stop NOW because argh... running is awful!!! So, we took the silence to mean that we should just keep cruising along and that we did.

MOLARS, omg, molars, all the molars... -- The baby seems to get his teeth whole mouthfuls at a time. Do you have any idea how many molars there are? I don't either, but the baby has all of them in various states of partially in. Several of them are partially in in more than one place. It is the worst.

So much illness and possibly including the pinkeye, but it was hard to tell -- Grady the Gus was sick for pretty much the entire month, and well into February. Jasper fared only slightly better, and I was sick roughly half the month. It was ridiculous and leaves me wondering whether anyone has ever quit their job to avoid daycare germs? Because omg, it seems like a really reasonable choice to me right now.

Death of the electronics -- Jasper's computer and my phone both decided to call it quits in January. The good news is that I made the switch to an iPhone and I am so in love. So fast! So responsive! It actually works! Of course, I barely know how to make a call with it, but who does that anymore anyway? Instagram!


  1. 11.5 miles is a lot with a stroller! He is definitely very adorable as always.

  2. Your blog is super cute! I love how honest you are. Makes me feel better prepared. :) :) :)