Monday, February 18, 2013

One winter weekend

Right, so, because we live in the Bay Area, where our real estate taxes include a "damn near perfect weather, damn near all the time" surcharge, we were able to take these pictures in February. But I'll have you know, it's a serious kind of a surcharge, and I really shouldn't be joking about such things, because omigosh, you guys, I just saw a listing for a house in Texas that was a kid-you-not mansion looking thing and it was so CHEAP. But, we can go outside in the summer. And, blue state things. We have it good.

So, once we put horrible colds and a round of the stomach flu behind us (yes, seriously, we are living in a world of pestilence up in here), we enjoyed a very lazy, recovery sort of weekend of hanging out at home, going to the park, and so on and so forth.

This is what that looked like. (In related news, Jasper bought us a new, fancy camera so that now we can take wonderfully better pictures of our speedy little toddler. So, you can expect ridiculous levels of photo frenzies around here until we get over it. Which will be approximately never, because have you seen our baby? Who looks like a little boy? I know... we are the fools who got the good camera after having the baby for a whole year. It's basically like that cuteness never even happened so we should probably take a mulligan.)

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